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Utility Rate Studies

Throughout Indiana, public utilities are constantly struggling to keep up with the ever increasing costs of capital and operating expenses.  

If not well planned for, increases in regulation and conservation can have a detrimental impact on the revenue and expense structures of our public utilities.

Tier 1 Utility Services

At RFG, we will assist with the efficient and effective management of the financial affairs of your utility through the implementation of long term financial goals as outlined in your Utility Rate Study and long term capital and operating plans. 

Many communities throughout the Country will find themselves in a position of declining cash balances and deferred maintenance of capital infrastructure.  Often times this can lead to significant increases in rates and charges over a short period of time.  With proper financial planning and a regular review of rates and charges, RFG aims to provide utility management with reasonable and timely advice for the long term operations of a public utility, while trying to avoid large swings in rates and charges when avoidable.

The Fiscal Plan Process 

We recognize the challenges utility providers face as they strive to provide these essential services to the public, while keeping rates and charges fair and affordable.  Through well thought out and affordable financial planning services, we help our clients succeed in balancing these sometimes competing objectives by applying our industry expertise to each agency we serve and by developing custom solutions that reflect the values and attitudes of our clients and their constituents.

RFG’s Utility practice serves water, wastewater/sewer, storm and surface water, reclaimed/recycled water, solid waste, electric, and transportation services across Indiana and the surrounding areas. 

In addition to Utility Rate Studies, RFG Provides the following Utility related services:

  • Establishing Financial Policies
  • Capital Funding Strategies
  • Cost of Service Analysis
  • System Development Charges / Connection Charges / Capacity Fees
  • Comprehensive Financial Plans For Utilities
  • Utility Formations
  • Mergers, Acquisitions, Assumptions, Consolidations, Divestitures
  • Fiscal Health Reviews
  • General Ledger Assistance for Utilities
  • Accounting Software Conversion Assistance
  • Parity Certificates
  • Litigation Support and Expert Witness
  • Financial Management Consulting (Permanent and Interim Consulting)

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