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Tax Abatement

Attracting new economic development should be a large focus of any municipal entity and offering incentives to achieve this goal is essential. Tax abatement and other incentives attract businesses by offering a lower initial tax cost. These freed up funds can then be used on improvements to benefit their project, or to ease the transition into a new area.

Reedy Financial Group has experience in helping cities, towns, and counties decide which incentive program is best for their needs.  Reedy Financial Group can provide the following services:

  • Impact analysis of proposed abatements

  • Advise the client of options and determine impact as requested

  • Monitor implementation of abatement to determine compliance with abatement granted

  • Assist in other abatement related issues such as public hearings

  • Offering effective abatements and incentives turns short-term tax reductions into long-term economic growth.