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Comprehensive Operational 

& Capital Improvement Planning

RFG provides unparalleled Comprehensive Operational and Capital Plans that give local units of government the information needed to make sound financial decisions by combining all major funds and activities into one primary document.

The Financial Planning Process 

With the complexity of local governments budgeting and revenue constraints, Comprehensive Operational and Capital Improvement Planning is an essential activity for any governmental unit. RFG understands that each unit’s service needs and revenue constraints are unique, which is why our team takes an innovative approach to create a Comprehensive Operational and Capital Plan to tailor to the specific needs of the local unit of government in order to maximize fund utilization. This process includes, but is not limited to, the following:

• Cash Reserve Projections and Policies
• Cash Flows
• Property Tax Settlement and Abstract Levy Review
• Income Tax Projections
• Maximum Levy Analysis and Allocation
• Circuit Breaker Analysis
• Analysis of Historical and Projected Revenues, Expenditures, Net Assessed Values, and Property Tax Rates
• Property Tax Impact to Taxpayers 
• Identifying Funding Sources for Operations and Capital
• Management Reporting

Not only will a Comprehensive Operational and Capital Plan assist elected and appointed officials in making informed decisions to proactively manage the financial health of their unit, it will also be designed to integrate seamlessly into the budget process, greatly reducing the stress and hassle of budgeting.