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RFG provides a wide array of Municipal Advisory services to assist our clients with seamless project delivery.

Tier 1 Escrow 

Verification Services

In a refunding or other defeasance, a report prepared by a Certified Public Accountant or other independent third party that verifies the yield of the investments held in escrow in connection with an advance refunding bond issue and demonstrates that the cash flow from investments purchased with the proceeds of the refunding bonds and other funds held in escrow are sufficient to pay the principal of and interest on the refunded bonds that are being defeased.

The Fiscal Plan Process 

Whether as part of a larger structured deal or an individual verification report, RFG is proficient in providing the following Verification Report Services:

  • Refunding (Escrow) Verification
  • Defeasance Verification

We use industry-recognized verification software and prepare the highest quality written reports for parties of the transaction.  Call today to discuss our Verification Services and how RFG can provide you with the highest quality professional accounting services at an affordable and reasonable price.

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