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Debt & Bond Advising

For issuers of municipal bonds and debt, there are a wide variety of debt instruments to choose from to assist your unit of government in financing projects.  Navigating the pros and cons and determining the impact to the issuer, but also the tax or ratepayers is an instrumental part of the debt issuance process. 

Tier 1 Debt & Bond Advising

With Reedy Financial Group’s in depth knowledge of debt instruments and governmental financial planning and budgeting expertise, we are interested in not just closing deals, but considering the new debt within your unit’s overall financial strategy.

As a Registered Municipal Advisory firm, Reedy Financial Group is ready to provide you with the sound financial guidance that is needed when undertaking the sale of debt. 

The Debt & Bond Advising Process 

Selecting the optimal type of financing structure and understanding the taxpayer impact is crucial.  Reedy Financial Group can help with the following debt options:
  • General Obligation Bonds
  • Revenue Bonds
  • Lease Rental Financings
  • State and Federal Grants
  • Tax Increment Financing Bonds
  • Certified Technology Park Bonds
  • State Revolving Fund
  • Bond Anticipation Notes
  • Local Capital Improvement Funds
  • Refunding Bonds

Deciding which debt option best suits your need is only one side of the service.  The impact to taxpayers is equally as important and sometimes significantly more challenging during public hearing.  Reedy Financial Group can provide you with analysis on the rates required and generate a dollar impact for taxpayers, and assists with public hearing presentations and question and answer sessions with the public. 

Funding a new project entails a substantial amount of groundwork. However, once the bond is issued, there is still work to be done. Reedy Financial Group can help complete the post-issuance work associated with bond issues such as:

  • Arbitrage Rebate Calculations
  • Continuing Disclosure Filings
  • Post Issuance Compliance
  • Escrow Verifications and Lease Sufficiency Analysis
  • Parity Reports

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