Rural-Fire-1-of-1-21-300x225According to the Indiana State Board of Account, there are over 400 entities considered to be “Special Districts” in the state of Indiana. Some of the most common special districts in Indiana include the following:

  • Conservancy Districts
  • Regional Water, Sewage and Solid Waste Districts
  • Solid Waste Management Districts
  • Fire Protection Districts
  • Airport Authorities
  • Public Transportation Corporations
  • Regional Planning Commissions

RFG’s services to Indiana’s Special Districts include many similar services provided to other governmental entities and others including but not limited to:

  • Financial Planning 
  • Budget Consulting
  • Debt Advising
  • Utility Rate Studies

Quite often, special districts in Indiana do not have full-time professional accounting and finance personnel on staff due to the overhead or financial burden these positions can demand.  RFG provides a full line of day-to-day Accounting, Invoice Processing, Budget Preparation, DLGF Reporting, and SBOA compliance services for many smaller units of government at an extremely cost effective rate for our clients.