Northwest-Indiana-schoolsSchools present similar challenges of other municipal entities. Budgets need to be balanced and capital needs to be found for long-term projects. Incorporating long-term fiscal planning is the cornerstone of any municipal entity. Reedy Financial Group can provide the following services facilitate strong fiscal planning:

  • Financial Planning – Reedy Financial Group has extensive experience in developing financial plans that accurately forecast future expenses and revenues.  
  • Budget Consulting  – Understanding your day-to-day operating details is essential in developing long term stability.
  • Bonds – Deciding which debt option best suits your need is only one side of the service.

Additional Reedy Financial Group can provide solutions to your capital needs. Our experience in bond issuance and debt advising [link] ranges from small issues under one million to large issues over ten million. We strive to select the right debt option for your capital financing needs. Reedy Financial Group also provides the following post-issuance services: