Financial Consulting for Indiana Cities, Towns, and Counties

At Reedy Financial Group, we serve as financial advisors to municipalities across the state of Indiana. Our staff of government finance experts has assisted all types of government units across the state to utilize available resources and to help achieve responsible stewardship of public funds for our clients.  Taking into consideration your unit’s individual strategies and policies, we formulate a plan that fits your unit of government and will help achieve your financial goals while considering the current economic and property tax circuit breaker limitations and opportunities.

Financial Management is certainly no small undertaking for a city or town. We offer a variety of services that will benefit your unit of government.

  • Budgeting Consulting – Our staff can prepare or help prepare a high quality budget that will meet your unit’s financial objectives.  Budgeting is undoubtedly one of the most tedious processes for a municipality.  Our standardized procedures and services are designed to make this process easy with our experience in DLGF and Indiana State Board of Accounts compliance requirements.  We can prepare for and attend budget meetings, work with department heads, and guide you through the budget process from start to finish or any step along the way.
  • Financial Planning – Long-Term Financial Planning is critical in the current environment we live in.  Capital asset replacement and maintenance costs can have significant and detrimental impacts on a municipality’s annual budgeting and cash management policies if not adequately planned and accounted for in advance.  At RFG we help build integrated Long-Term Capital Plans and Long-Term Operating Plans (Financial Plans), which can be integrated into a unit’s annual budgeting process to give elected and appointed officials of municipalities the tools needed to be less reactionary and more proactive in planning for the future financial goals of your unit.
  • Municipal Bonds – When municipalities have a need for capital improvement exceeding available allocated cash, bonding is sometimes required.  RFG regularly serves as Financial Advisor for municipal bond issuances. 

In addition to the services detailed above, we also perform a wide variety of other services to municipalities including:

  • – Circuit Breaker Mitigation Strategies and Policies
  • – Additional Appropriations
  • – Establishment and Reestablishment of cumulative funds
  • – Tax Levy Appeals
  • – MSRB Compliance
  • – Income and Property Tax Revenue Projections
  • – Indiana State Board of Accounts Compliance
  • – Annexation
  • – General Ledger Accounting
  • – Bank Reconciliation
  • – Mergers
  • – Attend Hearings
  • – Review of Budget Advertising
  • – Attend DLGF budget hearings to help assure changes are justified
      and address implications to client
  • – LOIT monitoring