reportingOnce your unit has established its budget, rates and charges, or projected spending plan, it is imperative that your unit tracks the progress and viability of the end goal.  This report allows for a unit to readily identify all budget line items, year to date spending by line item, remaining budget, and a budget to actual variance on a month-to-month, quarterly, or semi-annual basis.  Reedy Financial Group has developed management reporting methods which can be used for any unit of government including the management of local government, utilities and redevelopment commissioners.

The goal of management reporting is to:

Monitor spending in comparison to budgeted

Improve budget forecasting

Prevent overspending

Provide micro-level analysis

Identify Budget Issues Mid Year

Identify Needed Appropriation Transfers

Identify Needed Additional Appropriations

Identify Needed Budget Cuts

By incorporating the management report into your unit, it will assist decision makers in their ability to make well informed decisions on the day-to-day operations and future planning.  Reedy Financial Group’s management reports are in an easy to digest format which most municipal accounting software does not provide on its own.