With the complexity of local government budgeting and revenue constraints, Long-term planning is an essential activity for of any governmental unit.  Understanding the short and long-term financial impacts of decisions relating to the allocation of funds and approval of budgets for the ever increasing operational costs and high cost projects can be a nearly insurmountable task without detailed and effective long-term financial planning. 

Reedy Financial Group prepares an unparalleled Comprehensive Financial Plan which gives local units of government the information needed and brings together all major funds and activities into one primary document in order for elected and appointed officials to be able to make decisions based upon and holistic financial picture. 

Reedy Financial Group stresses the importance of long-term planning and can provide these services to achieve your goals:

  • Preparing financial plans identifying long term operating and capital improvement needs
  • Identifying Funding Sources for Operations and Capital
  • Alternative Project Funding Methods
  • Cash Reserve Projections and Policies
  • Demographic Data
  • Pier Governmental Group Comparisons and Charts
  • Historical and projected cash flow
  • Historical detail and projected detail of maximum property tax levy, property tax rates, net assessed values, and the property tax impact of a typical tax payer
  • Preparing long term revenue projections, revenue certification and analysis to manage future revenues

Additionally Reedy Financial Group can help identify and recommend solutions to problems such as:

  • Circuit Breaker – Analysis, reallocation, mitigation
  • TIF – Identifying potential Tax Increment Financing districts for purpose of providing alternative funding for redevelopment and economic development projects
  • LOIT – The right income tax structure for your governmental unit: CEDIT, CAGIT, COIT, LOIT, Levy Freezes, Levy Replacements, and Public Safety

Reedy Financial Group’s Long Term Financial Plans are comprehensive and very detailed.  When RFG prepares a Financial Plan for your community, it will be a go-to desktop resource for the ongoing financial operations of your unit of government.

If you are interested in discussing a Reedy Financial Group Financial Plan, please reach out to us to set up an initial consultation and to receive a free preliminary Financial Plan.  Out initial consultation will give us a better understanding of your unit and also will provide you with example reports and to better understand the broad scope and amazing impact these type of financial reporting tools can have on your ability to responsibly manage your unit of government.