In today’s competitive environment, local units of government must be able to quickly get information on potential opportunities for attracting and retaining businesses and jobs. Indiana law allows for a wide range of economic development tools, but understanding the short and long-term financial benefits and liabilities of these development tools are not always easily identifiable.

With Reedy Financial Group’s economic development experience, we can help identify, analyze, and report to our clients the pertinent information necessary to make the type of informed decisions that potential investors expect, while weighing the cost to taxpayers and maintaining good fiscal stewardship of public funds. Economic development can have long-term and expansive impacts on taxpayers and businesses and RFG will give you the tools and information necessary to make justifiable decisions backed up with hard data. Our role as an independent financial advisor is doing what is best for our clients and working toward their goals.

RFG provides a wide range of Economic Development Services including but not limited to:

• Economic Development Impact Analysis
• Redevelopment Commission Management Reporting and Budgeting
• Tax Abatement Impact and Cost Benefit Analysis
• Tax Increment Financing District (TIF) Creation Assistance
• Certified Technology Park Creation and Revenue Assistance
• TIF Revenue Projections
• Tax Impact Analysis
• Feasibility Studies
• Bond Issuances
• Special Projects

Find out why so many units of government have chosen the tailored and cost effective expertise of RFG. Please, call us today to discuss the exciting opportunities that are available and how RFG can give you the financial tools and assistance to lead development opportunities. Utilize and leverage your time and skills with the expert economic development and financial assistance of Reedy Financial Group.