From the initial budget timeline to the submission of your annual budget, RFG is versed in the statutory process as well as the navigation of the State mandated Gateway Budget Program.  We regularly perform reviews of the 1782 Notice from the State and provide responses as necessary to assure the client receives any and all revenues necessary to fund their budget needs.

Reedy Financial Group will prepare and/or assist with your annual budget processes including:

  • Preparation or review of the annual budget
  • Facilitation of the budget process including budget workshops with department heads and council members
  • Monitor eligibility of your unit for appeals
  • Monitor budget and cash flow throughout the year to proactively identify cash flow concerns, need for additional appropriations, and revenue shortfalls

At Reedy Financial Group, we find that properly managing the budgetary process not only keeps the client statutorily compliant, but safeguards against loss of revenue.  We are able to achieve proper management through the implementation of bi-monthly, monthly or quarterly management reports.  This allows for the fiscal body to constantly understand budgetary status and needs.