Annexation281mapWhether as part of an economic development project, strategic growth plan, or any other of the myriad of reasons Municipalities in Indiana need to expand their corporate boundaries, Reedy Financial Group is known for out tier 1 Annexation Consulting Services.

In 2015, the Indiana General Assembly made it significantly more costly and time consuming for Cities and Towns in Indiana to expand their corporate borders.  Embarking on an annexation of territory requires extreme attention to detail and well thought out fiscal plans and impact statements. 

Reedy Financial Group has been involved in many communities throughout Indiana with regard to the successful completion of Annexations.  In addition, RFG staff regularly serves as expert witness during annexation remonstrance trials, and provide on-site public hearing assistance and presentations in the periods building up to a formal annexation.

Critical to the success of an annexation is a well thought out and executed Fiscal Plan.  A successful annexation Fiscal Plan demonstrates the benefit not only to the city or town, but the impact to the taxpayers, on a parcel by parcel basis.  In preparing these plans Reedy Financial Group can help:

  • Predict annexation revenue growth
  • Meet with elected official, department heads, and other professionals to determine adequate funding of operating and capital expenditures as required by statute
  • Determine project funding needs
  • Revenues to the city/town including property taxes, income taxes, gasoline taxes, and other population based revenues
  • Parcel by parcel circuit breaker/tax cap impact
  • Parcel by parcel benefit/detriment to taxpayer

If your municipality is looking at annexing unincorporated territory, please reach out to us to be a part of your professional.  Based upon our detailed Fiscal Plans and history of successful annexations, Reedy Financial Group will be an integral part of your successful annexation.